Jan 13 , 2020

What’s in a sleeve?


The contour of the sleeve can define a garment. Sleeves are essential to not just the look but also the comfort of any type of clothes you might want to throw on. Be it a dress, top, tunic, kurta or even a shirt, a sleeve can easily make or break the attire.

From Victorian times and the times of our Maharajas, exaggerated sleeves were used as symbols of grandeur and modish fashion statements. As important as a hat in English culture, and just as versatile too, sleeves are almost the backbone of any blouse.

Another interesting thing about the ever changing fashion and trends when it comes to sleeves is, that once a style is overdone and completely exhausted, it completely vanishes from the face of the earth. Only to resurface a decade or two later and be the all-new rage all over again!

We did a quick run-down on all the types of sleeves we absolutely adore and have proudly used in our creations and here’s all the fun intel we came to feel about our ever so treasured sleeves!





If anyone knows what an obsession with getting the kind of sleeve just right feels like, it has got to be us!

We’ve gone above and beyond to incorporate a different edge to each one of our creations at FabNest and aim at making every piece more inspiring and more grand than the last.

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