Dec 13 , 2019

Score your own Celebrity OOTD’s !

If there is anyone in the celebrity world who knows style and gets it right every single time,
it has got to be Kim K! The foreman trend-setter herself, she swears by bold,
loud yet uber classy styles like this animal print top here.

We absolutely love how she’s paired it with a tight waist belt to accentuate
all the parts of her body that she adores (and so do we!).

The epitome of classy, honest and true to her style, Bebo carries off the plaid shirt
look with such panache. It’s almost as if the look was created with her in mind!

The thing we love best about a check shirt is how convenient it is to pair it with any kind of bottoms.
Whether it’s a pair of casual jeans for the day look or black cigarette pants for a work meeting,
they flow smoothly into both.

 At FabNest, we love our checks. With everything from shirts and tops
to pants and dresses, we’ve got it all covered - in plaid for you!


Effortlessness is a whole vibe when it comes to a plaid dress.
A plaid top can be as bold as a plaid top as well as comfortable chic.
When it comes to occasions, you can wear it for a r
elaxed brunch as well as an evening date.

What we love most though, is how gorgeous it makes you feel once you throw it on!
After all, if we’ve learnt one thing from our UPki kudi, it is how to be bindaas.

 Head on over to FabNest’s collection of plaid dresses and get Anushka’s look
without bur
ning a hole in your pocket!


Down to basics, there’s just no way to not fall, head-over-heels in love, with florals!

The dream-come-true beauty, Kat, swears by floral prints and for good reason.
It sure does bring out her subtle & understated yet absolutely mind-blowing personality.

What we found most interesting was how casually she paired it with a check skirt,
immediately adding a special pizzazz to the look.

Check out your favourite floral range at FabNest and we promise,
you won’t be able to pick just one!

Is there anything left to be said here? The variety of celebrities sporting the look says enough and more, we believe! A solid colour jumpsuit is everything you need in your closet to complete your celebrity OOTD calendar.

Famously loved for all the right reasons, jumpsuits are by far the easiest way to look gracious and elegant yet feel like you’re in your comfiest pyjamas all at the same time. It literally cannot get cooler than that.

FabNest has always taken care of you and we’re doing just that with countless colours to pick from.

Women on top is what we like to see! And our very own Indian enigma, Deepika, has done every kind of justice to our ideas of strength.

Striped bottoms are fearlessness personified in every sense of the word. Pair them with a solid tee or reach the zenith of style with a co-ord striped coat, they simply never fail to look phenomenal.

An outfit in itself, waiting to make your feistiness come to life, striped pants are here to let you be your exceptional self every time.




What are you waiting for? All you have to do is pick a size and we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.