Nov 01 , 2019

// Festive Edit //

Lakshmi - the eternal goddess of wealth and prosperity in knowledge and health, commonly portrayed as a magnificent woman figure with four arms, standing on a lotus flower. Adorned in princely clothing and jewels, there is no known symbol of fortune more significant than her.Influenced by Goddess Lakshmi, and righty so, every Indian woman too, is empowered with this very variety of strength and capability.

With the onset of the recent wave of westernisation, there never has been a deeper nostalgia felt toward our roots and our ethnicity which makes us true to our cultures and traditions. The sense of belonging we feel when we dress ourselves in the most delicate yet powerful ethnic wear is deeply rooted in the pride we feel towards our long mythology.

On the brink of the most festive time of our year, we thought it best to bring out our style edit on everything auspicious and bright - the festive collection by Fabnest is here to inspire and spread light and joy to your lives!

This collection has been created keeping the magnificent Indian woman as our muse. Curated with soft soothing pastels to oceanic blues and deep blacks for the ethereal soul, this collection has something for everyones palette. Every look is specially designed to make you feel like a true goddess.

With the festive season finally here, it’s time to get dressed for those sweet celebrations. And that can only mean one thing - experiment with new festive looks!

Here are some of our top favourites for you to pick from for those nights of endless dancing -

Earthen Green

Understated yet exuberantly elegant, Pista/Olive Green is a shade almost impossible to go wrong with.

What we love most about this colour is its extremely earthen feel which is a must when you want to be ready to not just step out and celebrate with your friends but also to get blessings at the temple.

With the most stunning brocade work on the edges and neckline, this piece is a sure shot festive must-have!


Ethereal Black

The lights of Diwali signify a time of inner illumination. This supreme light illuminates the soul. Our soul is historically known to be at its confident best when we feel comfortable in our own skin and that's exactly what the colour ‘Black’ does for a lot of us.

It makes us feel invisible yet stand out all at once. It makes a statement without trying too hard. And that’s the kind of effortlessness that leaves us feeling free.

Our rendition for this Diwali is a plain black peplum kurta with sharara pants and golden gota work to keep your dazzle game strong.


Pretty in Pink

‘Delicate, warm and kind yet ready to shine’, is the look you’re going for when you pick this subtle Pink kurta-pants set. Pastels have a sense of calm about them that we just can’t stop obsessing over and neither can the entire world of fashion!

Inspired by a new born baby’s pink cheeks, this colour, fabric and ruffled edges are nothing if not quintessentially festive.

Pair it up with golden stilettos to match the intricate gota work and you’re set to walk in with flair no matter where.


Illuminating Lavender/Lilac

Another essential addition to pastel heaven, this lilac beauty is nothing short of a Lavender dream come true.

Known to soothe your senses with its fragrance as well as appearance, the herb in itself is an aphrodisiac. So you can only imagine how sporting the colour on your skin would bring your mind to a surreal calm.

The fit of the palazzos is just lose enough to put you at ease for those long hours yet firmly hold your look together. Don’t forget to pair it up with dainty silver jhumkas and pumps complimenting the silver gota work.

Turquoise Fresh Blue

‘As deep as the oceans, as vast as the skies’, is the kind of positive brightness this Turquoise blue piece will add to your personality.

It doesn’t go unrecognised, the kind of freshness and calm that the ocean, skies and nature, in general, bring into our lives. This kurta-harem set has been created with inspiration from these very elements rising in our existence.

Complete with silver gota work at the yoke, a ruffled bottom, harem pantsand a chanderi block printed dupatta made with khadi, this piece will rise to the occasion of being your absolute favourite this festive season.


Diwali is a unifying event, and it can soften even the hardest of hearts. It is a time when people mingle about in joy and embrace one another.

A traditionally prosperous time in our culture, dressing upto our most vibrant versions and spreading our inner light and peace are as essential as the gleam of the diyas we light in our homes.


The vibrations produced by the greetings of love, which fill the atmosphere, are powerful. We wish to spread this power and love to you through our threads and fabrics because we believe that energy lives on forever.


Have a joyous and prosperous Diwali everyone!


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